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Things To Do in Belize

Best Things To Do in Belize

Belize is a tropical paradise with lush mountain jungles, dozens of breath taking islands, beautiful, sandy beaches and it is all bordered by the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. When you mix in Mayan ruins and the second largest barrier reef in the world with the Great Blue Hole, you have a place that is bursting with adventures. With so much to do in one place how do you decide? Well, we have put together a listing of some of the best things to do in Belize to help you with your decision making. We can, of course, book anything you want to do and we can usually get it a discount so please do not hesitate to ask us.

While there are many things to do in Belize, here is a list of the best:

      • Cave Tubing Belize
      • Belize Mayan Ruins – Altun Ha, Lamanai, Tikal
      • Belize Zoo
      • Belize Baboon Sanctuary
      • Belize Scuba Diving

    • Belize Snorkeling
    • Belize Fishing
    • Belize Zip Line
    • Belize Sailing

Belize Tours, Pricing and Details

Each Belize tour is private with a minimum of four persons. There is some flexibility on the shorter trips.

Belize Baboon Sanctuary – $60US per person – includes entrance fee, guide and transportation

Black howler monkeys are called Baboons in Creole, the local dialect. The Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) is located about an hour drive from the airport or boat terminal. The population of monkeys is now over 2,000 and the live on a habitat of over 20 square miles, which has been pledged voluntarily by over 200 various land owners.

Belize Zoo – $65US per person – includes entrance fee, guide and transportation

The Belize Zoo was founded in 1983. It sits on 29 acres and is home to over 150 different animals. It receives over 55,000 visitors annually as well as over 13,000 Belizean students.

Cave Tubing Belize / Zip Lining combo tour – $135US per person – includes entrance fees, gear rental, guide, transportation and lunch

Come for the full experience with over 7 miles of belize cave tubing followed by a nice healthy Belizean lunch. Next stop is the areal adventure of zip lining among the tree tops of the jungle. Put together, these two great adventures will forever be remembered by you and your loved ones and envied by those who hear the stories and see the pictures later.

Belize is scattered with Mayan Ruins and we provide tours to the three most popular: Altun Ha, Lamanai and Tikal.

Altun Ha

Altun Ha

Altun Ha Tour – $60US per person – includes transport, entrance and guide

Altun Ha was discovered by archaeologists in 1963. It is located about an hour north of Belize city. It takes up about 5 square miles and consists of temple pyramids, alters, residences and an agricultural village





Lamanai Tour – $95US per person – includes transport, entrance, guide and lunch

Lamanai is located a couple hours north of Belize City in the Orange Walk District. It consists of three large temples: High Temple, Jaguar Temple and Mask Temple. Excavations did not begin in earnest until 1971 and much of the site remains buried.



Tikal Tour – $135US per person – includes transport, entrance, lunch ($19US border fee not included)

Tikal is located about two hours west of Belize City, along the border of Guatemala. It is spread out over 6 square miles and consists of over 3,000 structures lead by the 154 foot tall Tikal Temple. Tikal was once the capital of the Mayan people.


Belize Scuba DivingBelize Diving – 2 tank dives $75US per person, many options

Belize Diving is some of the best scuba diving in the world. The combination or crystal clear, warm water teaming with underwater life, the second largest barrier reef in the world and the Great Blue Hole make for an irresistible diving adventure every time you get wet.             

Belize Snorkeling – 1/2 day on a boat $35US per person

If you are not a scuba diver, then the next best thing is snorkeling and Belize has amazing snorkeling. The water is warm and clear and has plenty to see. From sting rays to nurse sharks to turtles to the many hundreds of tropical fish.

Belize Fishing – Many options available

In Belize, they don’t call it fishing…they call it catching. Fishing in Belize consists of deep water fishing, fly fishing and bone fishing. Tarpon are the main attraction in Belize, with many other reef species bringing up second: barracuda, snapper, snook, grouper, the beloved bonefish and the hard to catch permit.

Belize Fishing Permit

Belize Sailing – Many options available

The crystal clear, blue water off of Belize, the ever present Caribbean breeze and the warm weather make for some incredible sailing conditions. This is an activity that is fun for the entire family. Oftentimes, snorkeling is included on these adventures in Belize.

belize sailing